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Strategic Support for Email Marketing Success

A data-led strategy is essential for achieving success. By analysing data, you can identify your target audience, understand their needs, and create emails that are relevant and engaging. This will help you to increase open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

strategy that is tailored to your specific business goals. We will work with you to collect and analyze data, develop a plan, and implement it. We will also track your results and make adjustments as needed.

With our help, you can create a successful email marketing program that generates revenue and grows your business.
Responsive Email Templates for Email Marketing

We take care of the entire email marketing process for you, from creation to delivery. This includes:

  • Creating custom email templates that match your branding: We use our expertise to create beautiful, high-converting email templates that match your brand.
  • Configuring your ESP: We set up your ESP and configure it to your specific needs.
  • Testing your emails: We test your emails to ensure that they are deliverable and effective.
  • Reporting on your campaigns: We provide detailed reports on your campaigns so you can track your results and see how you’re doing.
Centralized Inbox for Greater Email Management

CRM Solutions offers a centralized inbox service that allows you to manage all of your email accounts from a single location. This can help you to improve your email management by making it easier to find and track emails, as well as to collaborate with others on email messages.

  • A unified inbox: All of your email accounts are displayed in a single inbox, making it easy to find and track emails.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with others on email messages by adding them as co-authors.
  • Search: You can search your entire inbox for specific messages.
  • Rules: You can create rules to automatically filter and forward emails.
  • Security: Your emails are protected by industry-leading security measures.

Custom, High-Spec Email Templates

CRM Solutions Email Development designs, builds, and delivers fully responsive, optimised emails that reflect your brand identity and deliver campaign messages that drive engagement and ROI. Our email templates utilise the latest HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to ensure that the email remains agile in data size and clean in terms of backend code structure in order to pass spam filters and deliver successfully to the recipient’s inbox.

Here are some of the benefits of using our custom Email Development Templates:

  • Reflect your brand identity: Designing our email templates ensures immediate recognition for your subscribers to identify your emails.
  • Elevate subscriber engagement with our meticulously crafted email templates, resulting in heightened click-through rates, open rates, and conversions for your campaigns.
  • Maximise ROI: Our email templates aim to maximise your return on investment, ensuring optimal results for your email marketing campaigns.


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